“Public Education” used to mean a district school with children assigned by their zip codes. A new definition is emerging. One in which parents select the place their kids learn best. Public. Magnet. Charter. Private. Virtual. Florida needs policy-makers who embrace this new definition; we are here to ensure that happens. Florida Federation for Children (FFC) is an electioneering communication organization (ECO). The parental choice movement, including FFC, has spent nearly $5 million on electioneering communications in Florida since 2004.

Florida’s School Choice Options

Florida leads the nation in providing parents choices in education. FFC’s purpose, working with our partners, is to protect and grow these educational options. We believe that parental choice in education is a crucial part of delivering a quality education to children because it helps match up kids with schools that best meets their needs and it addresses the inequities experienced by many low- and middle-income families when it comes to receiving a quality education.

Political Engagement Examples

We identify election circumstances in which there is a discernible difference between the candidates on the issues of parental choice and education reform, regardless of any other factor, especially party affiliation. We then engage in electioneering communications to voters throughout Florida, making them aware of candidates and their positions on issues of the day.

Here are some examples of our electioneering communications during this 2010 election season.

John Kirtley

"Low income and working class parents must be empowered to choose the best learning environment for their children. These families have no financial resources to get their voices heard. The Florida Federation For Children is proud to use its resources to show voters which candidates support parental choice in education."

- John Kirtley, Chairman Florida Federation for Children

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